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Welcome to the Ardonril project.

2003/12/14 dbrandon
It has been a while since my last update so I thought I'd post what I've been working on.

I've been considering how best to set up the networking code and I think I've settled on an approach but I haven't actually coded any improvements yet. At the very least, the 0.0.2 release will be improved to the point where a slow or non-responsive client won't take down the server. I need to still decide whether to go with just TCP or a mix of TCP and UDP.

What I have been doing is creating code to load images and terrain maps. Contrary to my Nov 01 post, the next release actually should look a bit better. I know I could have probably downloaded libraries to do most of this work and save a little time, but this way I get to learn the nitty-gritty details, not to mention it's more satisfying to get my own version working.

So that's it for now. Look forward to being able to explore a small (possibly even textured) landscape in the coming release. Once I get the game a little more playable, I'll be looking into setting up some sort of server to host it.

2003/11/19 dbrandon
It has come to my attention that a couple of MSVC runtime libraries were missing from the 0.0.1 release. I added them in to create the 0.0.1a release for those of you who do not have access to the libraries. My appologies for missing those earlier.

Unfortunately I've been very busy so far this month at work and have not had much time to spend on the project. Things should be returning to normal now but I won't have enough time to add as much to the next release so I now plan to have the 0.0.2 release done by the end of December. I'll add more updates in the coming weeks.

2003/11/01 dbrandon
Version 0.0.1 of Ardonril has been released! You can download it here. The 'game' is a collection game in which you try to run around and collect more pumpkins than any other player.

The game world is very small and the graphics and networking are very basic. The game should run well across a LAN but will probably bog down if used across the Internet. I will attempt to address the networking in the next release.

Speaking of the next release, it should be ready for release on December 1. I have not finalized what will go into the next release, but it will probably contain the following: enhanced networking with better flow control, multi-threaded server, and the beginning of the native OpenGL 2D interface (to replace the current Windows UI). I will also need to spend some time cleaning up the code...

The next release probably won't look much better than the v0.0.1 release but it will have a much sturdier foundation.

2003/10/19 dbrandon
So much for my attempt to post once a week.. Anyway I am getting close to being ready to release the first version of the game. Remaining tasks include adding support to render basic meshes, adding boundary checking, adding support to 'pick' game objects, and performing some cleanup.
All of the tasks left to do should be finished by the end of next weekend.

2003/09/28 dbrandon
I have installed a phpBB2 based discussion board to host design and development of this project. All are welcome to join the board. You can access it here.

I have been making progress on the initial release of the game, and still expect to meet or beat my self-imposed Oct 31 deadline. It is basically just a rough framework for the game but it will support login, simultaneous multiple users, and a mixed 2D/3D environment (3D view of world, 2D Window dialog for controls). If all goes well, there will even be a hint of a game :)

2003/09/21 dbrandon
This site is under construction, so check back for updates. Meanwhile, some information has been posted in the FAQ page for those who are interested.