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Disclaimer: These aren't technically FAQ's yet since no one has actually asked any questions about the project :) However, some of these answer questions I anticipate and some help me refine my goals for the project.

Q: What is Ardonril?
A: Ardonril is intended to be a Semi-massive multiplayer online RPG (or SMORG). By semi, I mean for it to support 100's though probably not thousands of simultaneous players. The background setting for the game is as yet undetermined, but currently I'm in favor of a fantasy setting.

Q: How will Ardonril be different from the other MORPG's?
A: The plan is to allow the players a greater degree of control over the world than other online worlds to date.

First, I would like Ardonril to have tools so that the players can introduce and to some extent change the game's content.

Second, since the game is open-source, people will have to opportunity to modify the game itself if the default implementation does not suit them.

Q: What platform will the game run on?
A: The server portion will run (most likely) on Linux, although early alpha releases will run on Windows as well. The client will support Windows and possibly other platforms depending upon demand.

Q: What work is being done right now?
A: The Stage 1 release, version 0.0.1, was released on November 1. Work is now being done on the next release which will have improved networking and a much improved server. Stage 2 (version 0.0.2) should be available by Late Dec 2003.

Q: Can I help create Ardonril? A: If you are interested in assisting with Ardonril, send me a message here (you will need to be a member of Source Forge). I will not post a Help Wanted add until the game is a bit further along, but if you would like to help out now let me know.

If you would like to post a question about Ardonril, please point your browser here.